Quality takes centre stage in our service provision. The quality we provide is a team performance and is more than the simple sum of individual performances.

Our success is determined by the extent of our clients’ satisfaction. We are only satisfied when a client is convinced that he is in good hands, when he knows that he is doing a fellow entrepreneur a service by referring him to us, and when our employees encourage acquaintances to come and work for us.

As a firm we strive towards qualitative growth, and everyone makes his or her contribution. Of course we encourage our employees to be one of the best in the profession, but also to make an active contribution to the growth and reputation of our firm. To contribute in a way that is best suited to every individual employee. Only then will our employees be able to use their talents to optimum effect and will they succeed in our joint mission - binding clients to our firm by meeting and exceeding their expectations where possible.

  • General terms and conditions

    All of our services are subject to our general conditions as filed at the Court of Rotterdam; among others these conditions include a limitation of liability.


  • Fees

    Fees charged to clients are calculated on the basis of the number of hours worked on the dossier multiplied by the hourly rate established for the lawyer handling the case.

    Our current hourly rates lie between € 115.-- and € 265.-- and are dependent on the experience of the lawyer handling the case. In special circumstances (for example relating to the significance or the urgency of the matter) a rate in excess of the customary rate may be agreed with the client. Hourly rates are index-linked - whether or not on an annual basis. A supplement equivalent to 6% of the professional fee is charged to cover general office expenses.

    Any expenses incurred for court fees and/or by the engagement of a bailiff, local counsel or other third party are chargeable to the client.

    In principle services will be charged on a monthly basis. New clients are charged on an advance invoice basis.

  • Sponsorship

    Leeman Verheijden Huntjens is the ambassador of the Nederlands Fotomuseum. The Fotomuseum, located at Wilhelminakade 332 in Rotterdam, is mainly known for the photo exhibitions it organises on a regular basis. Visitors can currently enjoy the exhibition entitled “Europe, what else?”.

    A less well-known fact is that the Fotomuseum has more than five million negatives which were made available by famous Dutch photographers, who often hand over their entire work to the museum. The photo museum offers “the public” the opportunity to buy copies of the negatives, which provides for some of its revenue.

Mieke Bestebreurtje

employment law and employee representation

+31 (0)10 209 27 76 bestebreurtje@lvh-advocaten.nl
Bouwe Bos


+31 (0)10 209 27 63 bos@lvh-advocaten.nl
Marcel van den Ende

business and shareholders, road transport

+31 (0)10 209 27 45 vandenende@lvh-advocaten.nl
Daniël van Genderen

litigation, tender, business and government

+31(0)10 206 17 81 vangenderen@lvh-advocaten.nl

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